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The SPCA St. John’s is an adoption-focused agency helping homeless animals find happy beginnings. We also work encourage and assist with spaying and neutering across the Avalon Peninsula, helping make animal homelessness a thing of the past.

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Cats can have up to three litters a year. Dogs can have up to two. That is why the Regional SPCA St. John’s offers its Spay and Neuter Assistance Program to pet guardians in financial need, saving thousands of potentially unwanted, homeless young animals from suffering each year.


Fostering is a wonderful way to help animals before they are ready for adoption. Foster parents give our animals the beautiful gift of a temporary home to rest, relax, and adjust before they find their forever home. Our foster program provides the foster family with all necessary supplies and support.


If a cat or dog has an unwanted litter of kittens or puppies, the Regional SPCA St. John’s has an open offer to take in these animals, vaccinate them, spay or neuter them, and find them loving forever homes. The SPCA will also spay the mother cat/dog to prevent more unwanted litters. This Prevent Unwanted Pets program comes with a no-cost and no-judgment guarantee. 

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