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This old house has served us well, but it has come to the end of its useful life. It is cramped and requires far too much effort to maintain the necessary sanitation and cleaning standards. Maintenance costs have become unsustainable. Although air quality meets the minimum standard, the risk of airborne disease is high. Dog runs and exterior exercise areas are small and not nearly stimulating enough. Closet-sized rooms operate as medical exam spaces, and the cramped basement creates dark offices and bleak staff rooms. Every nook and cranny is used for storage. In short, this facility is busting at its seams!

Despite the educational strides the SPCA has made, today’s demand is simply too high, resulting in a reliance on too many offsite supports and services. A new facility will take the pressure off intake waiting lists and reduce the stress on our loyal fostering volunteers, who are stretched to accommodate pets’ needs.

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